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Another new book latest book just hit Amazon, for both electronic and hardcopy (paperback) versions. If you're interested in taking the CCSP exam, you might want to check it out.

(And yes, technically, it's the third book I wrote last year...but it didn't come out until now, so I don't know if I can count it like that. Harumph.)
New Book -- For Free
So I'm trying my hand at fiction again...and I want to make sure you like it. I'm going to publish the book entirely online, and in episodic format, chapter by chapter. Each chapter will be published through Amazon as I write it, and each chapter will cost a dollar (maybe more for the final chapter).

However, I want to make sure you like it before you buy it. So I'm giving you the first chapter for free. Click HERE to read the first chapter on my website. If you dig it, and want to read more, click HERE to bounce over to Amazon and buy the next chapter. For a buck.

I am really enjoying writing this one, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you get a moment, drop me a line, or post a review online, and let me know what you think. Thanks!
Second Book This Year
I'm proud to have written the official study guide for ISC2's CCSP exam! Now available via Amazon, or if you come over to my house.
New eBook
Cover by MA Shine
My first book in a while, but one of two coming out this year, both about industry certifications. This one is unique, though, as far as I know, in that I offer a rebate of half the purchase price if you fail your exam.'ve got that going for you. Also, it's cheap anyway. Check it out, and please let me know what you think (and how you do on your test!).

Special thanks to longtime friend Bakari Cowart for the tech editing, and Kerrian Massey for the interior art.
New gig. Good time.
I've recently started working as an instructor for ISC2, teaching CCSP and CISSP prep courses. Loving it. Hit me up if you want some learnng.
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RECENT DOINGS: old/new book
There's more inside. Including one with Kate nekkid.
Just one of the glorious new images.
I finally republished my first book as a Kindle ebook. It's the original manuscript, with content that had been removed during the editing/publishing process in the bound version.

Most importantly, it's got oodles of fantastic original artwork by the talented and magnificent Kate Berwanger.

And it's cheap. Very cheap. Buy copies for all your friends. And some for strangers.

In our ongoing campaign for world peace and universal wonderfulness, we guarantee that none of the proceeds will be used to harm puppies.

Available wherever Internets are sold. And on Amazon.

It's the third work from my publishing entity, Maladjusted Works, and my first anthology. I've always loved the short form, particularly in genre fiction, and this one is chock full of that: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, humor. I've got four stories in it, and five of my fellow writers (and, I'm proud to say, friends) contributed as well. It's only three bucks (dirt cheap!), and clocks in at about 75 pages, so grab a copy now...and buy eight for your friends and family. I assure you: it's worth it.

You can get it from Amazon, by clicking here

I recently contributed to an article published in Air and Space Power Journal. This impresses me greatly. The material might not be appealing to anyone who hasn't experienced the USAF officer promotion system, but I'm glad I got to take part.

You can read it at

If you get a chance, bop on over to the site of my new pal, Joe Zieja. You might dig some of his fantasy stories.

It's called Loose Threads.

Also, more gametesting recently...this time on Telltale's latest installment of the Jurassic Park series. Yeah, that one. They did some neat things with the storyline, sequel-wise. I think it will turn out pretty great.


Say it: Beta Testing, Baby! Back To The Future is a title from my....well, from my childhood. So I kind, you get it. Yes, the foolish people over at TellTale Games let me play Episode 2 of the new series based on the smash movies. Many thanks to buddy Andy Hartzell and the entire crew who put the thing together (and even let my pal play, even though he's a lawyer). Check out the game: you will dig it, if you ever were into the flicks.

Alan Vogel, crazed literati of the podcast set, has agreed, once again, to run one of my stories...why, I know not. But I am extremely pleased. Vogel's voice and delivery is phenomenal, and serves my words better than my own might. It's free, too. I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I did.
That's Lit
And this is pretty insane. Seems like everybody who went to my high school has to publish at least one book. My hombre Kaveh Soofi went and did that, along with his partner in poison-penning, Aaron Ximm. They created themselves an homage to two great things: a classic kid's book, and the zombie mythos. Good for them!, I say. Go buy one. Then cut off its head.

And just a quick shout-out to one of my old editors from the LV Weekly, Richard Abowitz, who covered the John Stagliano case for Reason, one of my favorite publications. Richard did a fantastic job.

Unless you're squeamish about adult subject matter, you can read about it here:

Added a new link to The Kwaj Drafter, a CAD operator working on Kwajalein Atoll, which we shoot with nuclear missiles occasionally. No foolin'.

I playtested another TellTale game...this one was another new installment in the Sam and Max series: The Tomb Of Sammun-Mak.. It was released recently (18 MAY), and it's evidently been doing quite well. So be sure to snag it-- you can see my name, if you play all the way to the end, and read the very last few credits. My buddy Andy Hartzell directed this one, which is way cool. Both that he directed it, and that I know him, I mean.



Barnes and Noble republished my first book under a new title, in a new version: "501 Things To Do If You Dare." Check it out in my Publications area or here.