Ben Malisow

Alan Vogel, who featured my story "Beleagured" last year, has gone and used another of my stories for his show, Lit 103.3, Fiction For The Ears.

Alan broadcasts audio versions of mystery/crime stories via WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM out of Northampton, Massachusetts, every Tuesday, from 1-2 p.m. He also does a streaming version on, and a podcast.


He's chosen my tale "Common Sense" to air on his show. I am trebly pleased, 'cause it's my first sci-fi. I hope you dig it-- if you do, please leave a comment on his Home Page, to let him know.

I am not sure how to communicate the ultimate coolness that is this update: I got to go do some playtesting on TellTale Games' recently-released title, "Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan." Now, I've been a fan of the Monkey Island brand for YEARS (hey-- it's got monkeys! on an island! and a hot redhead with a British accent!), so this was a major treat for me. The game kicks much ass, too; I promised not to give anything away about the upcoming release, but I will tell you this: there is a leviathan. And it has a lair. Yep-- you heard it here first. Seriously, the game was outstanding, the crew at TellTale are amazing. Plus, there were a bunch of cute Gamer Girls there. Could it be any cooler? I think not. 


My buddy Andy Hartzell, a TellTale employee, invited me. Finally, my friendship with him is paying off. It only took eleven years.